Friday, August 10, 2007

Progress- interupted

Well, I was all excited that I was at the heel flap (again)

but then I saw this:

No dropped stitches, no reason for that hole that I can find. :\ Waaaaaa!

I sincerely don't want to frog (again) so I'm going to consider it a design flaw element and carry on. :)


AllyB said...

Hey Cass! Looks like you just didn't pull your yarn tight at the transition from one needle to the other...I hate when that happens. lol No one will know it's there but you unless you walk around with your foot in the air to show everybody *I've actually been know to do such silly things* being a perfectionist w/OCD it's hard to ignore little things like that. Carry on and chalk it up to experience. Got your Dish Rag Tag box yet? Go Lucky 13!

Donna said...

Hi Cass, I have found a needle and some invisible thread works wonders with problems like that. No hole and no one knows! It also could have happened if you picked up your needles and started the wrong way around from there.

LotusKnits said...

I agree with Donna...looks like to me that you put it down and when you picked it up again you started knitting in the wrong direction. Regardless, either do a little smooshing and stretching to see if it will close on its own, or sew it shut from inside! :)

Cass said...

I just love you guys.
{{{{Group Grope}}}}