Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Monkey loves a car, er, truck ride!

I forgot how much knitting I can get done while traveling the highway.

Monkey made some progress on the way to the Tigers game in Detroit on Saturday and even grew a bit during the game. (much to The Saints dismay-"I can't believe you're gonna knit at the ball park!")

Ah, well, we had a good time, the Tigers lost but they played Friday's game until 3:30am Saturday...and made up for the loss when they mowed down the Yankees yesterday 16-0! Yay, Tigers!

Oh, um, anyway, on to the Monkey progress...here he is...ta da!

Just the toe to go, and another Monkey, but who's keepin track, huh?

Nice thing about this pattern is that there are so many holes in it a couple extra where they don't belong will never be noticed by a non-knitter. tee hee And I'm not walking around pointing them out to anyone either! lol

I really like the stitch pattern, what do you all think?

Isn't he pret-ty?

I made him with only 3 pattern repeats in the cuff so he would be shorter than the original. I like me some short socks!

Sock on everybody!


Donna said...

Ally those socks are super. What a great color. I love knitting socks.

Cass said...

SQUEEEE! I'm so jealous- they are beautiful!! I like shorter socks too- good to know 3 repeats looks perfect to me. The yarn works really well with the pattern too! Nice job Ally!!!

Alana - Knit Wit said...

Oooh, I really like that sock!! You must be thrilled! I like the shorter length, as well--looks perfect.