Monday, August 6, 2007

if at first you don't succeed.......

I cast on for my sock and knitted the whole cuff on size three needles, knit one, purl one, with 7 stitches to the inch as pattern indicated. This sock would never stay up on anyone's leg it was so floppy! So off it came and I didn't get back to it until last night around 8:30. So, I cast the cuff on with size two needles and went down one size for the cast on stitches. Much better! Yeah! I have the cuff done. Can't wait to get home from work and do some more. I always tinker with patterns as I find that they don't always match up with what I need. I saw this argyle sock pattern chart and thought wow, someday I will knit a pair! Some hope huh! I can just about keep myself from using the tail to knit with. I'll keep on trying though!

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