Monday, September 3, 2007

Working on another sock.....

Started a sock pattern I have been meaning to try. It is from the book "Kids Knitting". I thought I would try it as a break from my other sock. I finished that sock and I was not happy with the grafting of the toe. You can see it is a bit pointy. So in order to make me feel better I started a 'fun" sock were you add one extra Stitch after you finish the ribbing and it creates a spiral effect. Plus you just keep decreasing at the toe until only 6 stitched left and then to pull in the ends and sew it closed. Someone on my other blog said to try a three needle bind off I will try this technique on the other sock. The Kitchener Stitch I always mess up no matter how slowly or carefully I do it! I will start back on my other sock right after I finish my dishcloth for Fall into Autumn.


AllyB said...

Very nice, Donna. I really like the green yarn.

aboooooodbus said...

Funny Video Today

This is my 2nd football video
Cousin Sal from Jimmy Kimmel Live does a Hidden Camera Prank to a locksmith and several singing telgrams
a crazy cow
It is so funny Hidden Camera
George Bush Is Funny
bush breaks some wind

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