Saturday, September 29, 2007


Ok, not only did my yarn become a big mess and had to spend tons of time untangling but now I dropped a stitch four or five rows back and want to FROG the whole sock. I'm at the foot. Any help on how to pick up the stitch that far back?? Should I frog back to that row??

HELP!! I'm setting the sock aside before I start just RIPPING the whole thing to shreds instead of frog it. :)

Happy Knitting!! :)

EDIT!!!! I calmed down...did some research and picked the stitch up. This sock business has been a roller coaster but what's crazy is I'm still loving it!!

Sorry I'm crazy and thank you for the support.


AllyB said...

All sock knitters suffer some sort of trauma from time to time. You're an official member of that club now, hee hee. Good for you picking up that stitch! Keep it up and you'll be done. Then you can wear those socks with pride knowing what you went through making them.

Debbie said...

Hey I am just wondering if you still have the group going?