Thursday, September 20, 2007

First sock...second start.

Two weekends ago I bought some Sockotta yarn and cast on but I didn't like the feel or how it was coming out. There was a huge gap where the rounds connected. I decided I wanted to try another yarn. Long story about that one but I decided when I got my first package from Knit Picks to cast on with the lovely Essentials yarn in Tuscany Multi that came in the mail. :) I cast on last night and here is my progress. I'm in love with the yarn and for a start I think I'm doing ok. I'm nervous to get to the heel but I'm hoping to get some help when I get there. :)

Well off to softball...I'll post a pic when I get further along with my first sock. :)


AllyB said...

Way to go Gnat! That's a pretty color. Did you figure out how to avoid those "ladders" at the corners? If you pull the 2nd stitch nice and snug it will prevent that nasty ladder. Good luck, don't be afraid of the heel just find a nice quiet place where you can concentrate and follow the directions carefully and before you know it you'll have it licked!

Donna said...

Excellent start! If you swap the first stitch on needle one with the last stitch on the last needle you will avoid the gap at the very beginning. You just flip them over each other when you begin. Your colors are very fallish! (not a word I know!) keep knitten' kitten.

Gnat said...

Thanks for the advice. :) I actually just got to the heel and was 21 rows in when I realized I was doing the slip stitch on the knit row WRONG!! My boyfriend helped me unravel back to the start of the heel but 21 rows gone was sad. ;) I want this to be the best try at my first sock so I figure wouldn't hurt to unravel them. :) I'll post pictures tomorrow. :)

Thanks again!!

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