Wednesday, July 25, 2007

YAY for Socks!

I'm so excited to finally get into sock knitting. I've put it off as long as possible, but it was inevitable.

Here's some sock patterns I've collected:
I have a ton of Cascade Fixation, so I like these:
Ankle Socks
Diagonal Fixation
Here's a PDF for Easy Worsted Weight Socks.
Here's a site that teaches 2 Socks on 2 Circs.
Crew Socks pattern.
56 Stitch 56 Row socks pattern.
Mom's Fast Florida Footies pattern.

Alaina, are you going to use DPs or Circs?


Knit Wit said...

I was thinking dpn's, but circs do sound tempting. I just stocked up on dpn's in sizes 2, 3, and 4 -- Natch!!


Alaina said...

I was planning on dpns also - the circs really look interesting but I think i am going to save that for when I am really experienced ;)

Alaina said...

Just some thoughts as I looked at you patterns, Cass..

I would really like to try the fixation also.

"ankle sock" - I would have to copy that pattern to a word doc - so I would break it up a little - It is too confusing as a running dialogue..know what I mean. But, I do love the sock.

"diagonal" - I like - might be an option.

"socks on circs" - I got really excited about that site - I may change my mind about cirs...

I know - probably more info than you needed or wanted to know - but the post helped me get my thoughts straight....

Knit Wit said...

When I was doing my dpn shopping I talked with 2 gals at the shop about how they knit socks. Both of them are very proficient knitters. One uses both dpn's and circs. The other uses only dpn's--tried the circs and didn't like using them.

Both of them recommended starting out on dpn's. So, anyhoo.....

Cass said...

I've knitted on both DPNs and Circs, and even learned to do Magic Loop (Not near as difficult as it looks.) but I'm most comfy on DPNs.

The Fixation is SO neat! But it takes some getting used to because it's so stretchy. you have to really get used to the tension. But once you do, it's great fun to work with.