Monday, July 30, 2007

Monkey Business

Ola! I've got about 6 rows done on the first Monkey cuff. He's been languishing in the knitting box for about a week waiting for the Peach Freeze Top to get finished. I'm thinking Peachy should be done by tomorrow evening and then the Monkey can get rockin. I'll be working the Monkey with 2 size 2 Knit Picks circs. I definitely prefer the 2 circ method of sock making to the dpn method. The circs help me avoid the "ladder" in the transition and I don't tend to drop them at every opportunity. And besides, I just like knitting everything better on circs. I use my size 7 circs to make dish cloths. Just seems easier for me...I can hang my little counter on the cable and as it slides over the cable it reminds me to click it after every row. For some reason I can totally ignore the counter that sits on the table or the one at the end of my straight needle. Must be a Have a great day! I have to actually do some work now...the invoices are stacking up on the printer and I better move them to the pile on the table...hee...not a lot of brain power being expended today!


Alana - Knit Wit said...

Okay--I'm jealous!!

You seem to know a bit about dpn's vs. 2 circs. Since I've never made socks before, would I be better off using dpn's for the first go-around? That's what a couple of gals at my LYS recommended, so I was planning on going that route.

Should I be having second thoughts? Since I'm a newbie, wouldn't I need to use a pattern written specifically for circs if I were to try them?

Cass said...

Oooo good question Alana! I think most patterns could be read either way, as long as they are written for knitting in the round you could do them on circs or dpns. But I'm going to start with DPNs, I just feel more comfy with them and sock construction is intimidating enough without adding the stress of messing with circs (which I hate using.)

AllyB said...

I agree that if you haven't knit socks before and you have a pattern that instructs you to use dpn's, I would use them. However, if you start with "Socks Soar On Two Circs" you can whip up a pair of socks using her easy to follow instructions and skip all that dpn stuff...that's just my opinion...since I really like circs. But when I knit my keychain stretcher sock I used size 2 x 5 1/2" dpns. Just depends on my mood and the project. After you make a few pair of socks you'll develop your own preference. That's the beauty of having so many different tools to choose from!