Saturday, July 21, 2007

An easy sock pattern

I found this pattern on the internet and I used it for the one and only pair that I have made - thought I would throw it out here as an option:

Janis's Sock Pattern

I found it really easy to knit up...


Knit Wit said...

I'm painting closets this afternoon (and probably evening!) but later I'll look for some sock patterns,too.

I do have two books that seem good. One I got from my ITE IV pal, and she's knit a lot of socks and says this is her favorite book. It's "Knitting on the Road - Sock Patterns for the Travelling Knitter". The other one is "Favorite Socks" (25 patterns from Interweave).

Should we try to stick to one pattern, or just each pick our own and go from there? I would imagine the "trouble spots" will be the same no matter what pattern we choose!!

Northern Sky said...

Where i come from, 'throw it out' means 'put it in the trash'!!
I was slightly confused until I realised that it obviously means something else where you are!!
Cal, Northern England